The Giants Can Realistically Make The Playoffs

NEW YORK– By Mo Miller

The reigning Super Bowl champion New York Giants have an 8.5 percent chance of making the playoffs. All they need to do is beat the Eagles and have the Bears, Vikings, and Cowboys all lose. Let’s break down all four games and see just how the Giants can indeed squeeze into the playoffs.

Eagles at Giants 1:00 PM EST

The Giants are coming off two crushing defeats. The defense could not make a stop, and the offense was lethargic. The Eagles are on a two-game losing streak and 4-11 on the season. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles injured his hand in week 16 and Michael Vick will probably get the start. LeSean McCoy, who always finds a way to run all over the Giants, just returned from injury last week and had only 45 rushing yards against the Redskins. Eli Manning and his receivers are coming off two bad consecutive weeks, and would love to end the season on a high note. In addition, the Giants pass rush has been lacking all season, will they show up in week 17?

Bears at Lions 1:00 PM EST

On paper, there’s no reason the Bears should lose this game. The Bears are the better team, and are having a much better season. In reality however, there are a few factors that can lead to a victory for Detroit. Firstly, it is a divisional game, a divisional game where the Lions have a chance to eliminate the Bears from the playoffs. When you’re out of the playoffs, there’s nothing sweeter than eliminating your division rival from the playoffs. Secondly, the Lions are home, and will have the crowd on their side. Lastly, Detroit’s defensive line, which on paper looks dominant, has had an extremely disappointing season, look for them to close the season with a bang.

Packers at Vikings 4:25 PM EST

If the Vikings win, they’re in the playoffs. If not, they need the Giants, Cowboys, and Bears to lose. If the Packers win, they get a first round bye. The team competing with them for the bye is San Francisco, and they are playing Arizona at home, in what should be an easy win. The one advantage the Vikings easily have is at the running back position. Adrian Peterson is having a monster season, and needs 208 yards to break the single season rushing yards record. If the Packers can stop Peterson, they should be able to cruise to victory.

Cowboys at Redskins 8:25 PM EST

By the time the game starts, we will know what type of impact this game will have. For Dallas, it’s very simple, win and they’re in, lose and they’re out. For Washington win, and they win the division, lose and they need for the Bears and Vikings to have lost. Washington will know exactly what they need to do going into the game. However, even if they need not win to be in, winning the division would lead to a better seed. As with all the games mentioned, it’s a division game, and Washington would love to knock out Dallas from the playoffs, but would they be willing to do it if it means the Giants would be in?

It may be just an 8.5 percent chance, but it is not so far-fetched for the Giants to reach the playoffs. Sunday will be a very interesting and exciting day.

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2 responses to “The Giants Can Realistically Make The Playoffs”

  1. Hudi says :

    Great article mo. Unfortunately it has come to down to this, but either way we won 2 superbowls in the last 5 years, the Knicks are awesome, and there’s no hockey for the islanders to be in last place.

  2. dallascowboysdishingthereal says :

    Of all of these the one least likely to go the Giants way is the Bears losing. IMO The Bears are certainly better than the struggling Lions and the Bears need to win as they are trying to squeeze into the playoffs too.

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