NBA Trade Rumors 3/1/12

Celtics Shopping Rondo?
An ESPN report has the Celtics “aggressively shopping” PG Rajon Rondo. Back in December, Golden State rejected a trade that would have sent Stephen Curry to Boston, according to Chris Broussard. Now that Curry’s ankle injuries has become a major red flag, the Celtics are wary about Curry’s long-term durability.

The Monta Ellis Paradox
The Warriors have also had a lot of trade discussions involving Monta Ellis. However, the feasibility of many of these scenarios are questionable at best. Earlier in the week there were discussions of an Ellis trade to the Nets for Brook Lopez, but neither team thinks the player they’d get back is of equal value to what they’d be giving up. Then there was talk Orlando would try to trade for Ellis to appease Dwight Howard even though on Wednesday there were reports that Golden State would not consider trading Ellis unless it was in a deal for Howard. Still following?

Another problem is that Orlando doesn’t really have the assets, including a quality big man, to trade to Golden State for Ellis. A source told Marcus Thompson that “we’re not trading Monta unless we get something really good in return. It would probably have to be an All-Star or that caliber of a player.” Orlando’s only All-Star caliber player is Howard himself.

However, the Ellis rumor (even if it’s a nearly impossible scenario) is an encouraging one for the Magic. Dwight Howard is now involved in the decision making process for Orlando, according to Alex Kennedy, and they’re trying to build around him rather than trade him away.

Hawks Sign Dampier
With Al Horford out, Atlanta is 21st in rebounds per game and 21st in rebound differential. They signed Erick Dampier for the rest of the season, according to Marc Spears, and will hopefully improve their defense and rebounding.

The Players Who Have To Be Dealt
Sheridan Hoops has done a very good job covering the latest trade rumors, and they have come out with the players who must be traded. Players like Andray Blatche, Monta Ellis, Pau Gasol, Kirk Hinrich, Chris Kaman, Shawn Marion and Gerald Wallace were mentioned, but Michael Beasley makes the most sense. Beasley has a large qualifying offer and teams like the Lakers could be interested in a package with Anthony Randolph. Another team rumored to be interested is Boston, who could deal Jermaine O’Neal for Beasley, according to Sam Amico.

Lakers Looking To Build

Los Angeles will be busy over the next two weeks as the Lakers look to improve for the Western Conference playoff push. While they rejected an offer of Michael Beasley for a first-round pick from Minnesota due to the luxury tax, there is still interest in Beasley. There is also interest in Atlanta’s Kirk Hinrich to play PG.

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