MLB Trade Rumors 7/31/11- Deadline Day

-Three team trade: Boston gets lefty starter Erik Bedard and P Josh Fields, Seattle gets Trayvon Robinson from Los Angeles and Chih-Hsien Chang from Boston, and the Dodgers receive Tim Federowicz, Juan Rodriguez and Stephen Fife.
-Pittsburgh has acquired OF Ryan Ludwick from San Diego for a player to be named later.
-Texas acquired reliever Mike Adams from Texas for Joe Wieland and Robbie Erlin.
-Arizona acquired reliever Brad Ziegler from Oakland for 1B Brandon Allen and reliever Jordan Norberto.
-The Cardinals have officially acquired SS Rafael Furcal from the Dodgers for AA OF Alex Castellanos.
-Atlanta has acquired CF Michael Bourn from Houston for OF Jordan Schafer, LHP Brett Oberholtzer and righty pitchers Paul Clemens and Juan Abreu.
-Pittsburgh has acquired 1B Derek Lee from Baltimore for 22-year-old advanced-A 1B Aaron Baker.
-Orlando Cabrera has been traded from the Indians to the Giants for 23-year-old AAA OF Thomas Neal.
-Cleveland acquired Ubaldo Jimenez from Colorado for Alex White, Joe Gardner, Matt McBride and a player to be named later who is top prospect Drew Pomeranz. He can’t be announced as the player until August 15.

4:25 p. m. Eastern
-The afternoon ends with a three team trade: Boston gets lefty starter Erik Bedard and P Josh Fields, Seattle gets Trayvon Robinson from Los Angeles and Chih-Hsien Chang from Boston, and the Dodgers receive Tim Federowicz, Juan Rodriguez and Stephen Fife.
4 p. m. Eastern
-B.J. Upton will be staying with Tampa Bay, says Ken Rosenthal. No Rays trades at all.
-It looks like Chris Iannetta and Ty Wigginton will remain with the Rockies.
3:58 p. m. Eastern
-A small last-minute upgrade is possible for the Yankees, but no starting pitching, says JP Morosi.
3:55 p. m. Eastern
-Pittsburgh has acquired Ryan Ludwick from San Diego for a player to be named later.
-Seattle will keep Brandon League.
3:53 p. m. Eastern
-While Heath Bell will stay, Jim Bowden reports that the Pirates have acquired Ryan Ludwick from the Padres.
-Erik Bedard could still go to Boston. St. Louis is in there also.
3:50 p. m. Eastern
-It seems like the Reds are done trading.
-Wandy Rodriguez will likely stay in Houston
3:48 p. m. Eastern
-The Twins and Nats are not close on a Denard Span trade, says JP Morosi.
-The Rays don’t have a deal for B.J. Upton.
-It doesn’t look like Ian Stewart will be going anywhere.
3:45 p. m. Eastern
-Heath Bell could soon even sign an extension with San Diego, Buster Olney speculates.
-The Astros are telling teams they’re done for today, so no Wandy Rodriguez or Brett Myers trades.
3:43 p. m. Eastern
-All seems quiet with the Yankees, says Bryan Hoch.
3:38 p. m. Eastern
-Wandy Rodriguez will likely stay in Houston, says JP Morosi.
3:35 p. m. Eastern
-All indications are that Heath Bell will stay a Padre.
3:33 p. m. Eastern
-We’ll know where Ryan Ludwick has been traded in 10 minutes, says Tim Brown. Pittsburgh is in front.
-At least one NL team has been talking to the Rockies about Ian Stewart, says Troy Renck.
3:30 p. m. Eastern
-Ubaldo Jimenez passed his physical and he is now a Cleveland Indian.
-Nothing is close on the Wandy Rodriguez front, says JP Morosi.
3:28 p. m. Eastern
-It will either be Cleveland or Pittsburgh who gets Ryan Ludwick, says Jon Heyman.
3:25 p. m. Eastern
-Pittsburgh is close to acquiring Ryan Ludwick from San Diego, JP Morosi says.
-Nothing is imminent for the Mariners, Rays or Reds, says Jason Churchill.
3:23 p. m. Eastern
-Nothing is close between the Marlins and Pirates on Omar Infante, says JP Morosi.
3:18 p. m. Eastern
-The Yankees don’t appear in on Heath Bell and the Phillies are on the fringes. It looks like he’ll be staying in San Diego.
3:15 p. m. Eastern
-Houston may not move Wandy Rodriguez today, says Ken Rosenthal, but he could be a waiver deal in August. Rosenthal also does not expect the Ubaldo Jimenez trade to be held up.
3:13 p. m. Eastern
-Matt McBride, a prospect in the Ubaldo Jimenez deal, has a fractured eye so the entire trade could be on hold.
-Pittsburgh is back in on Ryan Ludwick after Cleveland could not work out a deal with San Diego.
3:10 p. m. Eastern
-Barring someting unforseen, Heath Bell will stay in San Diego.
3 p. m. Eastern
-Texas acquired reliever Mike Adams from Texas for Joe Wieland and Robbie Erlin. Heath Bell may now stay, but the Phillies are among the teams still interested.
-Cleveland is balking at the asking price for Ryan Ludwick, but could be close to acquiring Wandy Rodriguez from Houston for two minor leaguers. Toronto has interest, but the Yankees are out. The Yankees are not close to making any trade.
-Oakland will likely keep Coco Crisp and Josh Willingham.
1:45 p. m. Eastern
-Seattle is not trading Brandon League but the Red Sox and Cardinals maintain interest in Erik Bedard.
1:43 p. m. Eastern
-Toronto, Cleveland and Pittsburgh are interested in Chris Iannetta, who is not in Colorado’s lineup today.
-Teams have called the Reds about Travis Wood.
1:40 p. m. Eastern
-Washington will not get Denard Span without including Drew Storen and they have yet to do that, says Danny Knobler.
-The Giants are interested in a catcher and a leadoff hitter, says Jon Heyman.
1:35 p. m. Eastern
-Minnesota is not trading Jason Kubel, says JP Morosi, and Pittsburgh could make a play at B.J. Upton.
1:33 p. m. Eastern
-The Yankees and Astros are talking about a Wandy Rodriguez trade, says Brian McTaggart, but money could be a “hurdle.” Texas is not interested in Rodriguez, and the price could be too high on A’s closer Andrew Bailey.
1:30 p. m. Eastern
-The Twins don’t believe they’ll get a Denard Span for Drew Storen trade done, says Tim Brown.
1:25 p. m. Eastern
-Jon Heyman confirms Toronto’s interest in Colorado C Chris Iannetta.
1:23 p. m. Eastern
-Anaheim’s interest in Heath Bell is minimal, according to Jon Paul Morosi.
1:20 p. m. Eastern
-Colorado is shopping Ian Stewart to an NL team, says Troy Renck.
1:18 p. m. Eastern
-The Indians and Padres are exchanging names on a Ryan Ludwick deal, but he’s slated to be in San Diego’s lineup today for now.
-Colorado is shopping IF Ian Stewart.
1:15 p. m. Eastern
-Arizona acquired reliever Brad Ziegler from Oakland for 1B Brandon Allen and reliever Jordan Norberto.
-A Ryan Ludwick trade to Cleveland seems inevitable, says Ken Rosenthal.
1:10 p. m. Eastern
-San Diego and Cleveland are working on completing a Ryan Ludwick trade.
-Toronto is trying to get Chris Iannetta from Colorado.
1:05 p. m. Eastern
-The Yankees have cooled on Heath Bell, and were looking to flip him, says Jon Heyman.
-Boston is not interested in Wandy Rodriguez. The Yankees would need Houston to pay much of the $39 million left on Rodriguez’s deal.
1 p. m. Eastern
-Cleveland is close to getting Ryan Ludwick, says Tim Brown
12:55 p. m. Eastern
-Arizona has acquired Brad Ziegler from Oakland, according to Tim Brown. Waiting for the return.
-Boston may try to add relief pitching.
12:50 p. m. Eastern
-A Wandy Rodriguez trade is about 50-50 with the Yankees among the interested teams, according to JP Morosi.
12:45 p. m. Eastern
-Arizona will likely acquire Brad Ziegler from Oakland, says Jon Heyman.
12:43 p. m. Eastern
-The Angels are working on bullpen help and has interest in Todd Coffey.
-Cleveland is still in on B.J. Upton.
12:38 p. m. Eastern
-There are no serious talks between the Pirates and Twins on Jason Kubel, says JP Morosi.
12:30 p. m. Eastern
-Oakland and Arizona are discussing a Brad Ziegler trade, says Buster Olney.
12:25 p. m. Eastern
-Boston is looking at relievers now that they missed out on Hiroki Kuroda and Rich Harden.
-The Yankees could have a shot at Heath Bell, says Jon Heyman. They discussed Wandy Rodriguez with Houston this morning.
12:15 p. m. Eastern
-The Yankees need to do something and it could be Wandy Rodriguez, though they did promote top prospect Manny Banuelos to AAA. The Yankees and Rays could both stand pat today.
-Pittsburgh’s top target is OF Jason Kubel.
Noon Eastern
-Texas is losing ground on the Heath Bell talks and the Cardinals are very much in things. The Yankees are a long shot for Bell and Wandy Rodriguez. Texas also has interest in Andrew Bailey.
-A Todd Coffey trade should be announced soon.
-The Giants are still looking for leadoff help.
11:45 a. m. Eastern
-Texas does not want to pay big for Heath Bell, so the Yankees, Cardinals and Phillies are still in the mix.
-B.J. Upton will likely stay a Ray, but the Pirates, Reds and Indians still show interest, says Jon Heyman.
11:35 a. m. Eastern
-The Yankees are trying to get Wandy Rodriguez, says Ken Rosenthal.
-It will be hard to keep the price for Heath Bell high for the Rangers, says Danny Knobler.
-Detroit is interested in Baltimore reliever Jim Johnson, but a deal is unlikely, says JP Morosi.
11:25 a. m. Eastern
-The Phillies are among the teams still in on Heath Bell and Mike Adams, says Jayson Stark. San Diego scouted Philadelphia’s AAA team last week.
11:15 a. m. Eastern
-The Yankees like Padres reliever Mike Adams more than Heath Bell but the asking price for Bell is lower, says Joel Sherman.
11:10 a. m. Eastern
-It seems like the Nationals are the last hope if B.J. Upton gets traded today, says Marc Topkin.
-The Cardinals have officially acquired SS Rafael Furcal from the Dodgers for AA OF Alex Castellanos.
11:05 a. m. Eastern
-The Reds will likely stand pat today, says Mark Sheldon.
-The Rays have scouted Tigers minor leaguers. Relief pitching? B.J. Upton will likely stay put today. Also, Detroit tried getting Tommy Hunter from Texas before he went to Baltimore in the Koji Uehara trade.
11 a. m. Eastern
-Boston and St. Louis are among three teams discussing an Erik Bedard trade.
-Houston will move Wandy Rodriguez only if they get an impact prospect back, says Ken Rosenthal. They would also need to take a lot of the money left on his contract.
-The Braves and Mets have talked about Scott Hairston but interest is “tepid” according to Jerry Crasnick.
10:55 a. m. Eastern
-While Tim Kurkjian reports the chances of a Denard Span-Drew Storen trade are “less than 50-50,” Jon Heyman says the Nats will give in because they really want Span.
-The Pirates and Indians are in on Ryan Ludwick.
10:50 a. m. Eastern
-Detroit has shown interest in Rays reliever Joel Peralta, among others, says Jon Paul Morosi.
10:40 a. m. Eastern
-St. Louis and Seattle are discussing an Erik Bedard trade with the ball in the Cardinals’ court, Ken Rosenthal says.
10:38 a. m. Eastern
-The Yankees and Padres are not optimistic they can agree to a Heath Bell trade, Joel Sherman reports.
10:35 a. m. Eastern
-Oakland will probably not make any deals today, according to Susan Slusser.
10:15 a. m. Eastern
-Aaron Harang and Mike Adams will likely stay with San Diego but Heath Bell will go, says Jon Heyman.
10:10 a. m. Eastern
-Colorado reportedly asked for Dellin Betances, Jesus Montero, Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes for Ubaldo Jimenez, says Jon Heyman.
10 a. m. Eastern
-Atlanta has acquired CF Michael Bourn from Houston for OF Jordan Schafer, LHP Brett Oberholtzer and righty pitchers Paul Clemens and Juan Abreu.
9:55 a. m. Eastern
-As we wait to see who the Astros got from the Braves for Michael Bourn, Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees are in on Heath Bell.
9:48 a. m. Eastern
-Ken Rosenthal reports that the Braves have acquired Michael Bourn from Houston and an announcement will be made soon.
-Jason Donald will be brought up to take Orlando Cabrera’s roster spot in Cleveland.
9:45 a. m. Eastern
-Talk about a fluid situation. After a Michael Bourn deal was seemingly unlikely, Ken Rosenthal reports the Braves are on the verge of acquiring him from Houston for four minor leaguers.
9:35 a. m. Eastern
-A’s reliever Grant Balfour is among the late inning options being pursued by Arizona, according to Buster Olney. Oakland could make a lot of moves today if the offers are good. They seem to have several names in play.
9:30 a. m. Eastern
-Texas is not ready to give up what San Diego currently wants for Heath Bell.
-The Yankees checked in on Josh Willingham but did not like Oakland’s asking price, according to Ken Rosenthal. Oakland’s asking price for Coco Crisp seems to be too much for the Braves.
9:25 a. m. Eastern
-Jon Heyman is reporting the Reds will keep C Ramon Hernandez and the Cubs will keep CF Marlon Byrd and 1B Carlos Pena.
9 a. m. Eastern
-Nats closer Drew Storen has reportedly been added into the Denard Span trade with Minnesota, says Ken Rosenthal. That’s reportedly been the main sticking point the entire time, but Rosenthal says the two sides are still haggling over other players. This should probably be a deal that gets done.
8:55 a. m. Eastern
-Three possible options for the Braves are B.J. Upton, Michael Bourn and Omar Infante.
8:15 a. m. Eastern
-The Nationals, Indians, Giants and Braves have interest in Michael Bourn but it does not seem like he’ll be traded, says Ken Rosenthal.
-The Angels would like to get a reliever today.
7:45 a. m. Eastern
-In addition to being interested in B.J. Upton and Michael Bourn, Atlanta has had conversations with Florida about utility infielder Omar Infante.
7:20 a. m. Eastern
-Possible players dealt by Seattle today include Brandon League, Erik Bedard, Chris Ray, Jamey Wright and Adam Kennedy, as per Jason Churchill. Expect one or two deals today after Doug Fister and David Pauley were sent to Detroit on Saturday. 
-Chris Iannetta, Ian Stewart, Ty Wigginton and Rafael Betancourt are all in play for the Rockies on this deadline day, according to Troy Renck. He also expects at least a deal or two for Colorado today.
2:45 a. m. Eastern
-Getting an early start here: San Diego will trade Heath Bell today, says Ken Rosenthal, with Texas in the lead but the Cardinals, Phillies and Yankees also involved. Ryan Ludwick and Chad Qualls could also go but not Aaron Harang, who will stay despite interest from Detroit and Cleveland. Mike Adams will stay as well.
-Jon Morosi gives a list of what could happen today: The Yankees need a starter but Hiroki Kuroda will likely stay and Ubaldo Jimenez is gone. Atlanta wants an OF, and are looking at B.J. Upton, Michael Bourn and Coco Crisp, among others. Texas still likes Heath Bell. The White Sox could go after a low end starter like Bruce Chen. Will the Denard Span-Drew Storen trade happen?
-The Rich Harden to Boston deal fell through at the last moment. Oakland was set to receive 1B Lars Anderson and a player to be named later in the deal. Boston did not like Harden’s medical record, says Susan Slusser.
-Arizona has a list of seven to eight relievers and will likely land one, says Ken Rosenthal.
-The Indians, Blue Jays and Giants have interest in Colorado C Chris Iannetta. Other Rockies who could get dealt include Ian Stewart and Rafael Betancourt (though Arizona probably won’t get him). They could also trade for Kevin Slowey.

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