MLB Trade Rumors 7/26/11

9:10 p. m. Eastern
-The Mets have not lowered their asking price on Carlos Beltran, yet, says Andy Martino.
8:25 p. m. Eastern
-Cleveland made a bid for Carlos Beltran, but the Mets never brought it to him because he would not accept a trade to the Indians.
-The Phillies are among the teams scouting Carlos Quentin.
8:15 p. m. Eastern
-Cincinnati traded Jonny Gomes to Washington for 22-year-old middle-A lefty reliever Chris Manno and 26-year-old AA OF Bill Rhinehart and called up Yonder Alonso.
-A lot of teams have interest in Ubaldo Jimenez, and the team that has the biggest chance to get him would be the Yankees. But he won’t be traded, most likely. Toronto even has interest. More likely for New York is Hiroki Kuroda.
5:40 p. m. Eastern
-Colorado, among others, is pursuing Kevin Slowey.
5:05 p. m. Eastern
-Boston is interested in Colorado OF Ryan Spilborghs.
4:45 p. m. Eastern
-Texas may give the Mets the best offer for Carlos Beltran, but he may want to only go to the NL, says Jon Heyman. The Mets will want two to three prospects for Beltran.
-The Rays have been watching Washington’s AAA team. Possible B.J. Upton trade?
-The White Sox could trade Edwin Jackson and Carlos Quentin to lower their payroll.
-Minnesota won’t be in sell mode, says Jayson Stark.
-Seattle will likely trade Erik Bedard and keep Doug Fister, says Danny Knobler. They’ll also keep Brandon League.
-Houston may end up trading Wandy Rodriguez for little to get rid of his contract.
2:50 p. m. Eastern
-The asking price is slowly coming down on Carlos Beltran, says Jon Heyman.
-The Indians, Giants, Braves and Pirates are among the teams interested in B.J. Upton, says Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi. Kansas City doesn’t have serious interest, but the Giants could.
-Washington and San Francisco have interest in Colby Rasmus, and the Nationals have Jason Marquis and John Lannan they could deal to the Cardinals.
-Atlanta has interest in Jason Frasor and Jon Rauch.
-The Indians, Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees and Reds have shown interest in Erik Bedard.
2 p. m. Eastern
-Jayson Stark: The Mets won’t be getting a top prospect from the Phillies, Braves or Giants. Tampa Bay will shop Jeff Niemann, Johnny Damon and B.J. Upton but not James Shields. Washington likes Upton but may not want to deal Ross Detwiler and Brad Peacock. San Francisco could move in on Upton. The Cubs could deal Kosuke Fukudome, Reed Johnson, John Grabow and Carlos Pena but not Aramis Ramirez, who won’t waive his no-move clause. Texas is working hard on Beltran and Heath Bell. Aaron Harang and Hunter Pence should stay put.
-The Braves, Giants, Pirates, Cardinals, Nationals and Reds are interested in B.J. Upton.
-Seattle is interested in Colby Rasmus, as are the Giants.
-The Angels are interested in Aramis Ramirez and Michael Cuddyer while the Twins are looking for a reliever. 
-Brandon Inge has accepted an assignment to AAA.
1 p. m. Eastern
-Jon Heyman: The Giants are the favorites for Carlos Beltran at the moment. They would pay his salary and they’re not in the NL East, though they’re reluctant to part with top prospects. The Braves and Phillies don’t want to trade their top prospects either, and the Rangers and Red Sox also have interest. San Francisco also likes B.J. Upton and Michael Cuddyer. Houston wants to keep Hunter Pence and trade Brett Myers and Wandy Rodriguez. An Ubaldo Jimenez trade is at about 20 percent, but the Reds would be the most likely landing spot. The Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees, Indians and Rangers are interested in Hiroki Kuroda, who would waive his no-trade clause on a case by case basis. Arizona is interested in shortstops Ian Desmond, Jamey Carroll and Rafael Furcal. Upton will likely be dealt and the Nationals, Braves, Pirates, Reds, Cardinals and Phillies are interested. Washington also likes Denard Span but Minnesota probably won’t deal him. Boston is mixed on Josh Willingham, Ryan Ludwick and Jeff Francouer because Josh Reddick has been playing well. No team has offered San Diego enough for Heath Bell, including the Cardinals, Rangers, Phillies, Angels, Reds, Pirates, White Sox and Yankees. Carlos Pena will be moves and Arizona and Pittsburgh will have interest.
-The Carlos Beltran talks are expected to intensify over the next 48 hours, but the Reds are not involved. Asking prices are too high for the Braves right now.
-Five teams are in play for B.J. Upton, says JP Morosi. Milwaukee is not one of them. Kansas City could even be in play for Upton, but any offer would have to be large. Tampa Bay and Boston are interested in Colby Rasmus, and a match with the White Sox may not be there.
-Detroit has pushed for Hiroki Kuroda, but he probably won’t accept a deal there, says Jon Heyman.
-The Giants and Angels like Michael Cuddyer, but he’ll likely stay with the Twins.
-Florida won’t be dealing Leo Nunez, says Ken Rosenthal. The Marlins has been scouting Anaheim with Nunez or Randy Choate possibilities for the Angels, who could offer Alberto Callaspo or Maicer Izturis.
-Boston may add payroll if the deal is right.
-The Yankees could have interest in lefty relievers Mike Gonzalez, John Grabow, Will Ohman and Randy Choate.
-Washington may or may not move Jason Marquis.
10:20 a. m. Eastern
-Minnesota is still deciding whether to buy or sell and the Giants have interest in Michael Cuddyer, says Jon Heyman.
9:30 a. m. Eastern
-Texas has the money and prospects to get a top player like Carlos Beltran, Heath Bell, Ubaldo Jimenez or Hiroki Kuroda, says Ken Rosenthal. They’re making a push for Beltran and are interested in Andrew Bailey, Tyler Clippard and Leo Nunez.
9:10 a. m. Eastern
-Atlanta needs Carlos Beltran more than Texas, says Buster Olney.
8 a. m. Eastern

-Texas is being very aggressive on Carlos Beltran and could trade one of several very good pitching prospects to the Mets. Bowden expects the Mets to get a top tier pitching prospect from someone and won’t have to settle. The Giants, Braves, Phillies, Rangers and Red Sox remain his top five suitors. Tim Brown says the NL teams are still in front, but Texas is making a run.
-Texas is targeting Heath Bell over Beltran, but could get both, according to Jim Bowden.
-Oakland is working on trading Michael Wuertz and Craig Breslow, but will likely keep Andrew Bailey, Grant Balfour and Brian Fuentes.
-San Diego will try to trade at least Heath Bell, Ryan Ludwick and Aaron Harang but not Mike Adams.
-Jason Giambi’s injury will almost certainly prevent a July trade, though an August move is still possible.
-Boston isn’t interested in trading 3B prospect Will Middlebrooks, says Jim Bowden.
-Minnesota is looking to trade reliever Jose Mijares.

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