NBA Trade Rumors 2/22/11

-Chicago has traded James Johnson to Toronto for Miami’s first-round pick.
-Carmelo Anthony has been traded to the New York Knicks. New York sends Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov, their 2014 first round pick and Golden State’s 2012 and 2013 second-round picks to Denver. Denver sends Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Shelden Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman to the Knicks. New York gets Corey Brewer from Minnesota, who get Eddy Curry Anthony Randolph and $3 million from New York and a 2015 2nd round pick from Denver for Kosta Koufos

11:55 p. m. Eastern
-Miami is shopping Mike Miller in trade talks, says Brian Windhorst.
11:30 p. m. Eastern
-Marc Spears reports that David Anderson will not be in the Carl Landry trade and the Hornets would acquire Landry from the Kings for Marcus Thornton and cash. Multiple sources confirm.
-Marcus Thompson reports that the Troy Murphy trade isn’t close and is just a possible option.
11:25 p. m. Eastern
-More from David Aldridge: A trade that would send Troy Murphy and a 2012 second-round pick from New Jersey to Golden State for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric is close but hasn’t been agreed to yet.  
-Wilson Chandler told Chris Tomasson that he wants to remain with Denver as a restricted free agent this summer.
10:30 p. m. Eastern
-A deal has been agreed to that would send Carl Landry from Sacramento to New Orleans for Marcus Thornton and David Anderson and a trade call should be made in the morning, says Sam Amick.
10:25 p. m. Eastern
-Marc Stein reports that a deal should be finalized tomorrow that would send Carl Landry from the Kings to the Hornets for Marcus Thornton and David Anderson.
10:20 p. m. Eastern
-Sacramento and New Orleans are closing in on a deal that would send Carl Landry to the Hornets for Marcus Thornton and David Anderson.
10:15 p. m. Eastern
-The Troy Murphy and the 2012 second-round pick to Golden State for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric part is solid but the Nets are looking to expand this into a three-way trade involving Dallas or Portland and Devin Harris. Murphy would be bought out by the Warriors and become a free agent.
10:10 p. m. Eastern
-New Jersey and Golden State are close to an agreement that would send Troy Murphy and a second-round pick to the Warriors for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric, says Adrian Wojnarowski.
10:05 p. m. Eastern
-Dominique Jones won’t be traded by Dallas before the deadline, says Alex Kennedy.
9:55 p. m. Eastern
-David Aldridge rumor: Washington wants a player and a pick from Atlanta for Kirk Hinrich but the Hawks won’t budge. Atlanta wants the Wizards to take back Mike Bibby. Washington is not interested in Marvin Williams.
9:45 p. m. Eastern
-Chad Ford reports that the Grizzlies have internally discussed trading Zach Randolph to Orlando for Jason Richardson and Brandon Bass.
-New Orleans is being very active in talks, dangling Marcus Thornton, Willie Green, Marcus Banks and David Anderson.
-Though the Clippers were shot down on Danilo Gallinari, they have multiple first-round picks and guys like Eric Bledsoe, Al-Farouq Aminu and Chris Kaman to trade for a SF.
9:25 p. m. Eastern
-Dallas and Portland are the only realistic suitors for Devin Harris, says Marc Stein. And it would be more than Harris for Andre Miller.
-The Knicks are hopeful that their acquisitions can play on Wednesday, says Chris Tomasson. Denver gets roughly $19.5 million in trade exceptions. Al Iannazzone thinks that the Nets’ Danilo Gallinari and Timofey Mozgov talk was only used to drive the price up for the Knicks. It worked.
9:20 p. m. Eastern
-Chris Tomasson reports that the Nuggets are done making deals. That would mean Nene, JR Smith, Danilo Gallinari and Raymond Felton were going nowhere. Sounds obvious but has to be put out there. Minnesota will waive Eddy Curry. And may never be heard from again…
9:15 p. m. Eastern
-New Jersey says they’ll sleep on the offers for Devin Harris and Dallas rejected the Nets’ offer of Caron Butler, Dominique Jones and a first-round pick. They’re offering only Butler. The teams are still talking.
9:10 p. m. Eastern
-New Jersey could send Devin Harris, and perhaps Quentin Ross to Dallas for Caron Butler, Dominique Jones and a first-round pick according to Al Iannazzone. Portland could send Andre Miller and Joel Pryzbilla but they may not want to part with Greg Oden.
9:05 p. m. Eastern
-New Jersey is considering sending Devin Harris to Portland for Andre Miller or to Dallas for Caron Butler, Dominique Jones and a first-round pick.
-Indiana is one of the teams going hard after Carl Landry, says Sam Amick.
9 p. m. Eastern
-Denver gets a $17 million trade exception, says Chris Tomasson. Do they use that in deals before Thursday?
8:50 p. m. Eastern
-New Orleans is among at least four teams interested in Carl Landry, says Sam Amick. He’s not playing tonight because of the trade talks.
8:45 p. m. Eastern
-The Knicks’ trade for Carmelo Anthony is officially done and a contract extension was signed.
8:40 p. m. Eastern
-Chris Broussard says there’s a 100 percent chance Devin Harris gets traded with Dallas and Portland the likely spots. Atlanta is not offering much for Harris. Al Iannazzone says that Caron Butler would be involved in a Dallas trade and Andre Miller in a Portland deal. No ex-Knicks are going to New Jersey.
8:30 p. m. Eastern
-Devin Harris will likely be dealt to Dallas but Portland is still a possibility, says Al Iannazzone. If Harris goes to Dallas, Troy Murphy likely heads to Golden State with a pick for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric.
-Denver is also interested in Hasheem Thabeet, along with OKC.
8:20 p. m. Eastern
-Yahoo! Trade Buzz- Devin Harris wants out of New Jersey and the Nets want to deal him. Portland and Dallas are interested. Nene wants five years and $50 million from Denver.
-Atlanta is working hard to deal Mike Bibby with Kirk Hinrich, Raymond Felton and Andre Miller among the players the Hawks are looking at. The Hawks could also be working on a deal that would send Jeff Teague and Maurice Evans to Cleveland for Ramon Sessions and Manny Harris.
-New Orleans is trying to dangle Marcus Thornton, Marcus Banks and a trade exception and there have been talks with Sacramento about Carl Landry and Milwaukee regarding Corey Maggette. Talks with the Bucks haven’t gotten far.
-OKC likes Hasheem Thabeet, New York failed to get Marcus Camby and Chicago likes Courtney Lee.
7:55 p. m. Eastern
-In the Carmelo Anthony trade that will not die, Denver is getting Kosta Koufos from Minnesota for a 2015 2nd round pick.
-Atlanta, Dallas and Portland are interested in Devin Harris, says Chris Broussard. The Hawks are not offering Marvin Williams.
-Chicago can afford Courtney Lee and Anthony Parker under the cap but not OJ Mayo, says Marc Stein.
7:50 p. m. Eastern
-KC Johnson confirms that Chicago and Memphis are discussing an OJ Mayo trade. Nothing is close.
7:45 p. m. Eastern
-Chicago hasn’t given up on getting OJ Mayo, and now have a first-round pick to part with, but Memphis doesn’t want to sell low and Mayo doesn’t fit into the Bulls’ cap plans.
-Dallas rejected a proposal that would have sent Gerald Wallace to the Mavericks.
7:35 p. m. Eastern
-Nene wants a contract extension of five years and $50 million but there’s mutual interest between Nene and Oklahoma City. No offer has been made and the Heat and Rockets are interested along with the Thunder. OKC also likes Hasheem Thabeet.
-Houston likes Nene, Marcin Gortat and Anderson Varejao but probably won’t get any of them says Chris Broussard.
-Boston tried trading for Corey Brewer before he was dealt to the Knicks.
7 p. m. Eastern
-Denver and New York are on the phone to make the Carmelo Anthony trade official. All the new Knicks will play Wednesday against Milwaukee.
6:40 p. m. Eastern
-Atlanta is considering trading Jeff Teague and Maurice Evans to Cleveland for Ramon Sessions and Manny Harris, says Marc Spears.
6:30 p. m. Eastern
-New York is actively pursuing Marcus Camby but Portland is looking at more attractive options, says Marc Spears.
6:10 p. m. Eastern
-ESPN reports that the pick Toronto traded to Chicago for James Johnson is Miami’s first-rounder this year.
5:55 p. m. Eastern
-Chicago has traded James Johnson to Toronto for a future 2nd round pick, says KC Johnson. No word on the return yet for the Bulls.
5:45 p. m. Eastern
-Before the full completion of a Carmelo Anthony trade the Knicks unsuccessfully tried to get Marcus Camby from Portland, says Ken Berger. The Blazers are also actively shopping Andre Miller and Joel Pryzbilla and should make at least one deal before the deadline.
-Alex Kennedy comes with an arsenal of rumors: Atlanta is interested in Devin Harris and Ramon Sessions. The Rockets, Blazers, Cavs, Mavs, Bulls, Bobcats, Nuggets and Warriors are the most active teams. Other teams to watch out for are Boston, New Jersey, New Orleans, Atlanta and Memphis.
-Houston has interest in Nene and the Rockets will pursue him if he doesn’t sign an extension in Denver. Aaron Brooks will likely stay put but the team is shopping Yao Ming, Chase Budinger, Courtney Lee, Terrence Williams, Jared Jeffries and Jordan Hill. Chicago is interested in Lee.
-New Orleans is not shopping Marcus Thornton but are being offered picks for him.
-OKC is interested in Hasheem Thabeet for a small price.
3:45 p. m. Eastern
-The Knicks are waiting on Carmelo Anthony to sign his three-year extension worth $64.47 million and are trying to get all their players to pass physicals before Wednesday’s game with Milwaukee.
-New Orleans is interested in big men including Sacramento’s Carl Landry, says Adrian Wojnarowski. Marcus Thornton is in most offers.
-Chicago is open to trading James Johnson to trim salary or add a pick, says Marc Spears.
3:10 p. m. Eastern
-Memphis is looking to trade Hasheem Thabeet, says Marc Spears.
3:05 p. m. Eastern
-Cleveland is shopping its entire team for draft picks, Marc Spears says. Tyreke Evans will be out at least three weeks with a left foot injury.
-New Jersey is still trying to get Danilo Gallinari but won’t trade their pick this year says Al Iannazzone. Marc Stein says the Nuggets are telling teams they won’t trade him.
2:10 p. m. Eastern
-New Orleans is shopping Marcus Thornton and New Jersey are among the interested teams, says Marc Spears.
1:15 p. m. Eastern
-New Orleans is interested in Brandan Wright but doesn’t have the draft picks to give.
12:15 p. m. Eastern
-There are no indications that Utah is trying to deal Andrei Kirilenko.
11:10 a. m. Eastern
-New Jersey is trying to make moves, especially one involving Devin Harris, before practice tomorrow according to Al Iannazzone.
-The Clippers are offering Minnesota’s first-round pick, top 10 protected this year and unprotected in 2012, for Danilo Gallinari according to Chris Broussard.
-A source told Alex Kennedy that Kelenna Azubuike will be making his Knicks debut very soon. New York may release someone to sign Earl Barron, but if not Philadelphia and Milwaukee are interested. Corey Brewer’s inclusion was important to the Knicks because they wanted a perimeter defending to match up with Boston and Miami.
-Indiana will not buy out James Posey.
9:25 a. m. Eastern reports that the Nuggets will look to trade Al Harrington and New Jersey will try and deal Devin Harris and Troy Murphy. A Harris trade to Portland for Andre Miller could be on the back burner right now. New Jersey is also considering sending Devin Harris to Dallas in a three-way trade (which is a longshot) and are looking to get Danilo Gallinari from Denver and Aaron Brooks from Houston. Miller and Rudy Fernandez could come from Portland; perhaps even along with Greg Oden. Murphy could also go to Golden State with a pick for Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric.
-Mikhail Prokhorov thought about doing a Carmelo Anthony trade before he signed a contract extension.
-Boston is interested in Anthony Parker, Roger Mason, Josh Howard and Dahntay Jones.
7:25 a. m. Eastern

-Would Anthony have signed a $65 million extension with New Jersey? Ian O’Connor thinks so.
-Denver is working on a contract extension for Nene and are looking to trade Danilo Gallinari and Raymond Felton, says Ric Bucher. The Nets are interested along with the Clippers, Cavs and Raptors. The Nuggets think they can get a first-round pick for Felton and could wait until the draft. Ty Lawson may be the only Nugget that’s safe. Houston has tons of interest in Nene and they’re looking to trade Felton and Gallinari. Chicago is interested in JR Smith but there was not much progress made.
-New Jersey is peddling Devin Harris all over the league and are looking to acquire Gallinari and Timofey Mozgov, with little success thus far according to Chris Mannix. Don’t count on it, says Chris Broussard.
-The Hawks are interested in Harris and Ramon Sessions. Jamal Crawford could head to New Jersey.
-Carmelo Anthony will look to make his debut on Wednesday. New York is looking at signing Jared Jeffries if he is bought out or Earl Barron. Knicks GM Donnie Walsh could remain in New York but it would take a lot of damage control from owner James Dolan, says Alex Kennedy. One source told Kennedy that Walsh said “I’m done” during the trade negotiations. Chauncey Billups has been assured his contract will be renewed next season.
-Boston is interested in Rip Hamilton, Anthony Parker and Shane Battier but the Celtics don’t have much to give up.
-Sam Amick reports that the Kings have not handed in plans to a new arena development team, possibly increasing the likelihood of a move to Anaheim.
-Joel Pryzbilla could retire or ask for a buyout if he’s traded from Portland.
-Terrence Williams wants to play or get traded by the Rockets.
-Paul Silas does not expect any Bobcats trades.
-Caron Butler could return for the playoffs.

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