NBA Draft Rumors 6/24/10

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Welcome To Draft Day
The Rumors and news will continue through the draft. Check back tomorrow for draft grades.
11:39 p.m. Eastern
-Dallas will send Solomon Alabi to Toronto for some more Chris Bosh insurance.
11:30 p.m. Eastern
-The Knicks are buying Jerome Jordan from the Bucks.
11:16 p.m. Eastern
-Congrats to one of my favorite all time college basketball players in Andy Rautins, taken by my favorite team the Knicks in round two.
10:34 p.m. Eastern
-Samuel Dalembert, DeMarcus Lopez and Hassan Whiteside would be a monstrous center rotation for the Kings.
10:30 p.m. Eastern
-Oklahoma City just stole Tibor Pleiss from Atlanta. He’s a true 7 footer. Why don’t the Hawks just stash him?
10:24 p.m. Eastern
-Memphis got the maximum $3 million for the 25th pick. Lots of very good players still available.
10:20 p.m. Eastern
-Dallas wanted Dominique Jones in the top 20.
10:15 p.m. Eastern
-Minneota will take Lazar Hayward at 30? What is David Kahn doing?
10:13 p.m. Eastern
-As precited by a lot of people, Daniel Orton could move all the way out of the first round. And as I write that, he gets taken by Orlando as a backup to Dwight Howard.
10:05 p.m. Eastern
-Memphis is about to take Greivis Vazquez making my man JB a really happy dude. The Knicks could have purchased this pick.
10 p.m. Eastern
-Dallas bought the 25th pick from Memphis to take Dominique Jones.
-Hawks getting a steal in getting Jordan Crawford and another pick for Damion James.
9:56 p.m. Eastern
-Washington really wanted Quincy Pondexter at 26 but the Hornets get him. I like Pondexter a lot.
9:52 p.m. Eastern
-Nets send 27 and 31 to Atlanta for Damion James. Let’s see who the Hawks take.
9:50 p.m. Eastern
-Atlanta is sending Damion James to the Nets.
9:47 p.m. Eastern
-Trevor Booker and 56 was traded to Washington for 30 and 35. Maybe David Kahn isn’t awful after all (yes he is).
9:42 p.m. Eastern
-How does David Kahn have a job and Kevin Pritchard doesn’t? Trevor Booker?
9:40 p.m. Eastern
-Portland liked Elliot Williams all along and now Rudy Fernandez is very expendable.
9:38 p.m. Eastern
-Cleveland and New Jersey aren’t trying to move up anymore.
-Kevin Seraphin reminds people of Nene.
9:34 p.m. Eastern
-This is what the Hornets were hoping for at 21. Really?
-Patrick Patterson was 6th on Houston’s draft board. Really?
9:30 p.m. Eastern
-New Orleans will select Craig Brackins at 21, which could be a reach for a jumpshooter.
9:27 p.m. Eastern
-San Antonio is about to get a really good value in James Anderson.
9:25 p.m. Eastern
-Before sending Eric Bledsoe to the Clippers, OKC had a deal in place to send Eric Maynor to Indiana.
-Danny Ainge promised Avery Bradley that he wouldn’t go past 19. Promise kept.
9:20 p.m. Eastern
-Portland also gets Ryan Gomes to go with Luke Babbitt for Martell Webster, sick trade for the Blazers.
-Eric Bledsoe is headed to the Clippers for a future 1st. The pick made no sense at all if OKC kept it.
-Orlando is working on a couple of trades.
9:14 p.m. Eastern
-New Jersey is looking to move up from 27 and 31.
9:08 p.m. Eastern
-Minnesota will get Martell Webster from Portland for Luke Babbitt, which is not a bad trade for either team but the Blazers get a top 10 talent in this draft for an expendable player.
-Memphis at 28 is selling. Washington at 30 is selling. Knicks still holding at 38 for now.
-Patrick Patterson won’t be traded.
9:04 p.m. Eastern
-Portland has a deal with Minnesota to get 16 and steal Luke Babbitt. Damn Blazers are good.
-Cleveland is looking to move into the first round and New Orleans may sell 21 or 26.
9:02 p.m. Eastern
-Houston could deal Patrick Patterson in a sign and trade this summer.
-Philly is looking to get into the late first or early 2nd round.
8:59 p.m. Eastern
-Minnesota is looking to package the 16th pick and Ryan Gomes.
-Miami still looking to deal Michael Beasley.
8:57 p.m. Eastern
-Larry Sanders to Milwaukee at 15. That’s a surprise, but he’ll take Dan Gadzuric’s spot.
8:54 p.m. Eastern
-Indiana turned down the OKC trade New Orleans accepted. Thunder would have taken back TJ Ford.
-Talks of a Michael Beasley trade to Minnesota have stalled.
-Patrick Patterson will go 14.
-DX reports that the Thunder traded 21 and 26 and not 18 and 21. That’s a steal for them. It’s confirmed.
8:48 p.m. Eastern
-Toronto. Ed Davis? Patrick Patterson or trade?
8:46 p.m. Eastern
-New Orleans is now under the luxury tax after dealing Morris Petersen. Chris Paul aint goin nowhere.
-San Antonio is looking for a specific player at 20 and will trade out if he’s gone. I’m guessing James Anderson.
8:43 p.m. Eastern
-Paul George will stay with the Pacers. There will be no trade with New Jersey. Xavier Henry to Memphis.
8:42 p.m. Eastern
-OKC will also have to take on Mo Petersen’s contract with Aldrich for 18 and 21 says Ric Bucher.
8:40 p.m. Eastern
-Our first draft night trade! OKC gets their man in Aldrich. 18 and 21 likely to New Orleans. ESPN Interview awkward.
8:35 p.m. Eastern
-It’s either Patrick Patterson or Xavier Henry for New Orleans at 11.
8:30 p.m. Eastern
-Gordon Hayward takes Kyle Korver’s job. He didn’t like Memphis or LA.
-For what it’s worth, I’m a big fan of Paul George for the Pacers.
8:26 p.m. Eastern
-Looks like Ed Davis for Indiana at 10.
8:23 p.m. Eastern
-Gordon Hayward goes 9th to Utah.
8:22 p.m. Eastern
-OKC is still trying to trade for the 10th pick currently held by Indiana to grab either Gordon Hayward or Cole Aldrich.
8:17 p.m. Eastern
-Jazz still deciding between Gordon Hayward and Ed Davis at 9.
-Detroit isn’t done trying to trade for DeMarcus Cousins.
-Warriors will try to trade for a SF.
8:15 p.m. Eastern
-Clips will grab Al-Farouq Aminu.
-Looks like no Luol Deng trade to Orlando for Gortat and Pietrus.
-Toronto hopes Patrick Patterson falls to them at 13.
8:10 p.m. Eastern
-It looks like Greg Monroe or Ed Davis for Utah. Davis! Detroit will take Monroe. They have to after Udoh was taken.
8:07 p.m. Eastern
-Will Detroit offer Tayshaun Prince and 7 for DeMarcus Cousins?
-Rasheed Wallace’s retirement is official.
-Atlanta will take Pape Sy at 53? Who is he?
8:02 p.m. Eastern
-Had DeMarcus Cousins slipped past 5, his agent would’ve told Golden State that he didn’t want to play there. Ekpe Udoh will go 6.
-The Indiana-OKC 10 for 18 and 21 trade could be back on. Thunder could take Cole Aldrich.
7:56 p.m. Eastern
-Sacramento is all set with DeMarcus Cousins at 5.
7:55 p.m. Eastern
-Wes Johnson is excited to join Jonny Flynn with Minnesota.
7:48 p.m. Eastern
-Looks like Ekpe Udoh at 6 for Golden State.
-Boston is looking to trade down from 19 and Avery Bradley could slip.
7:43 p.m. Eastern
-The Nets have decided to keep the 3rd pick and will select Derrick Favors.
7:40 p.m. Eastern
-Derrick Favors’ agent still hasn’t been told he’ll be the 3rd pick.
-David Aldridge reports that Rasheed Wallace is retiring.
-Many 2nd round prospects profiled here.
7:30 p.m. Eastern
-Ryan Gomes may have been traded. For Michael Beasley? To Utah? To New Orleans for Julian Wright and Darius Songaila? Stay tuned.
7:25 p.m. Eastern
-Teams are still trying hard to trade for Derrick Favors.
7:20 p.m. Eastern
-The Danny Granger to New Jersey deal is dying. Indiana wants them to take cap space. Indiana isn’t enthusiastic about Devin Harris.
7:15 p.m. Eastern
-Portland just fired GM Kevin Pritchard 3 minutes ago. The Draft will be his last night of work.
-New Jersey is discussing several scenarios involving Yi Jianlian, but he’d likely be packaged in a bigger deal.
7:05 p.m. Eastern
-The 3rd pick is a toss-up, Patrick Patterson will likely be the Hornets pick at 11 and Tibor Pleiss will go 22nd to OKC if he’s on the board.
7 p.m. Eastern
-Paul George has no idea where he’s going to go.
6:45 p.m. Eastern
-Now they’re saying Tibor Pleiss could be picked as high as 18th by the Thunder and may not play in the league next season. But 20-year-old true 7 footers can do that.
6:35 p.m. Eastern
-Some notes from the DraftExpress blog: Hassan Whiteside and Daniel Orton will go in the early 20′s. OKC may have gotten the 18th pick to take James Anderson one spot ahead of the Spurs. Larry Sanders and Avery Bradley are options. Eric Bledsoe could go between 18 and the mid 20′s. Jordan Crawford could go as high as 19 to Boston. Tibor Pleiss could go as high as 22 to Portland. No picks have been sold just yet even with the Knicks offering 39 as well. 
6:25 p.m. Eastern
-Darington Hobson and Quincy Pondexter are atop Orlando’s board.
6 p.m. Eastern
-One team’s estimation of the new cap space figures.
-Dallas is trying to but its way into the first round. They also have 50th overall.
5:45 p.m. Eastern
-The Nets are getting a lot of offers for the 3rd pick and Derrick Favors.
-How Utah controls the fate of the draft board with the 9th pick. I think they still go Luke Babbitt.
5:30 p.m. Eastern
-Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Pacers and Nets are discussing a trade that would send a package including Danny Granger and the 10th pick for Devin Harris, Yi Jianlian and the 3rd pick, which would be Derrick Favors. New Jersey is lukewarm at the prospect of it though.
5:15 p.m. Eastern
-Chicago is literally giving Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick away for nothing but cap space! The Bulls get a future 2nd round pick, which means nothing.
-Washington is not going after Josh Childress. Apparently this was a rumor.
5:05 p.m. Eastern
-The Clippers are willing to trade the 8th pick if it means freeing up salary cap space.
4:55 p.m. Eastern
-DC Sports man Mike Jones confirms the Hinrich to Washington deal, said the Wizards wanted a mentor for John Wall. What, is Gilbert Arenas not a good role model?
-Once again, it’s going to be Derrick Favors to the Nets. We get it, Fox Sports.
4:40 p.m. Eastern
-The Knicks want the 23rd pick from Minnesota but 38, 39 and $3 million is too much. Darington Hobson could be the guy the Knicks want.
4:35 p.m. Eastern
-It seems like the Bulls are using the Kings as smokescreen leverage so Washington doesn’t back out of getting Kirk Hinrich and 17.
4:30 p.m. Eastern
-It looks like the OKC-New Orleans trade that would send 18 and 21 for 11 won’t happen. The Thunder are talking to Memphis at 12 and Toronto at 13 about it. OKC really likes Gordon Hayward based on previous reports.
-The Rudy Fernandez to Toronto deal is dead. Portland and OKC are active.
-Houston is taking offers for the 14th pick.
-Two NBA sources said that Washington will take Elliot Williams at 17.
4:15 p.m. Eastern
-Chris Mannix confirms the Hinrich and 17 deal.
4:05 p.m. Eastern
-Sacramento would take Kirk Hinrich if a Wizards deal fell through. Cleveland tried to trade Mo Williams to the Kings before the Andres Nocioni trade and the Cavs wanted Omri Casspi.
3:55 p.m. Eastern
-The Kirk Hinrich to Washington trade can’t happen until July 8, so the Bulls will be making the 17th pick for the Wizards. Still unknown what Bulls get back besides cap space. Maybe the trade doesn’t make it two max contracts for the Bulls.
-Denver is trying to trade into the 2nd round to take Derrick Caracter.
3:45 p.m. Eastern
-Chicago is trading Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick to Washington. It’s unknown what Chicago would get back but it’s clearing more cap space to lure in bigtime free agents. If this Wizards deal falls apart, they have another deal with the Kings, likely for Luol Deng. This allows the Bulls to sign two max free agents.
-Yahoo! Buzz: New Jersey is willing to trade down from three and Detroit wants to move up to take DeMarcus Cousins. Toronto likes Patrick Patterson and the Clippers want Al-Farouq Aminu. Utah likes Luke Babbitt. OKC is still looking for a lottery pick to take Gordon Hayward. Golden State is trying to trade Andris Biedrins. British C Ryan Richards will be coming to the US this season. Memphis could take Quincy Pondexter at 25.
-At least one trade has been agreed on but won’t be announced until tonight.
-There isn’t one team yet willing to take Michael Beasley.
-OKC tried trading 18 and 21 to New Orleans for 11 but the Hornets aren’t dealing the pick unless someone takes a contract like Morris Peterson.
-Boston is not selling the 19th pick.
-Teams are smokescreening Daniel Orton’s deficiencies. He’ll stay in the first round between 18-26. Eric Bledsoe will go between 13 and 19.
-Philly is working on dealing for a late first or early 2nd round pick, looking for a big man.
2:30 p.m. Eastern
-Minnesota is still trying to call the Nets and ask them what they want for the third pick. The Wes Johnson smokescreen seems to be working. David Kahn is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed. Nets GM Rod Thorn is open to moving down from three for the right price. If New Jersey stays at three a Wes Johnson pick would be “almost shocking.”
-A Pacers trade of the 10th pick to Chicago for Kirk Hinrich and the 17th could go down.
-Detroit is no longer trying to move up from seven and will take Greg Monroe or Ed Davis in that order.
-There’s a 90% chance the Jazz stay at 9.
-Miami is practically trying to give Michael Beasley away to free cap space.
-With Jordan Hill and future first rounders, Houston could be players tonight.
-A source says Rudy Fernandez will either land in Chicago or New York if he gets dealt.
-Celtics looking at best available player at 19 and 52.
-Q&A with Armon Johnson.
12:45 p.m. Eastern
-Miami and Chicago will be active in cap related deals tonight. Could Luol Deng or Michael Beasley go? Cleveland isn’t looking to clear space yet.
-Washington is looking to move into the 6-15 range and has 30, 35 and Nick Young
-Nets are currently being two-faced. If they take Derrick Favors they’ll have no shot at Amar’e Stoudamire.
-Daniel Orton is making “every mistake imaginable.”
-Greg Monroe and Ed Davis are highest on Utah’s list.
Noon Eastern
-Washington offered Orlando Gilbert Arenas for Vince Carter and Orlando basically laughed in their faces.
-Carlos Boozer could be in a sign and trade next week involving a pick made tonight. A team executive fears Utah will grab Luke Babbitt 9th.
11:30 a.m. Eastern
-To get even more cap space, Miami is negotiating a buyout with James Jones and are trying to trade Michael Beasley. Joel Anthony has a player option decision tonight and the Heat are also interested in New Jersey’s Keyon Dooling and Minesota’s Ryan Gomes.
-Some interesting notes from Chris Mannix on Gordon Hayward, DeMarcus Cousins, Wes Johnson and others.
11:10 a.m. Eastern
-If Greivis Vazquez slips past the first round, he’ll be taken 32nd by Miami.
10:30 a.m. Eastern
-New Jersey will likely take Derrick Favors 3rd over Wesley Johnson. Favors is also the more tradable asset if they want to get more cap space, which is possible.
-The Knicks like German C Tibor Pleiss and may even be willing to move up from 38 or 39.
-The Clippers‘ draft day needs.
9:20 a.m. Eastern
-Wes Johnson and Carlos Boozer are not a package deal.
-Indiana is trying to trade the 10th pick while OKC is using 18 and 21 to try and move up.
-The Knicks are trying to buy the 25th or 28th pick from Memphis to take Darington Hobson.
-Cleveland is currently lukewarm on getting into the first round and if they do it’d be a buy at the last minute for a big or a PG.
-A good rumor rundown.
7:30 a.m. Eastern
-Yahoo! Buzz- Golden State likes Ekpe Udoh at 6th. New Orleans could trade the 11th pick to get rid of a contract like James Posey or Julian Wright. They have interest in Xavier Henry and Luke Babbitt. The Knicks really like Brian Zoubek and could take him at 38 or 39.
-Don’t take too much stock in the Gilbert Arenas-Vince Carter rumor. Magic aren’t interested.
-Boston wants a pick in the high lottery and are offering Kendrick Perkins and the 19th pick for a big man. Boston may end up trading 19 and are asking for a future first rounder. They may have signed Turkish C Semih Erden.
-It doesn’t look like the 10th pick to Oklahoma City trade will happen. Indiana would get 18, 21 and Eric Maynor. The Thunder really like Gordon Hayward and could get him at 10.
-Toronto really liked PG Avery Bradley at 13.
-Milwaukee likes Cole Aldrich and James Anderson at 15 and could trade late into the first round with OKC and Memphis willing to move a pick.
-Devin Harris and Yi Jianlian could be traded on draft night.
-Cleveland really likes Eric Bledsoe and are trying to trade into the first round.
-It doesn’t look like Tony Parker will be traded but Richard Jefferson can be had.
-Memphis may sell the 25th or 28th pick. The Knicks, Mavericks, Cavs, Wizards and Raptors are looking to get into the first round.
-The rumor is unlikely but possible but Chicago could send Luol Deng to Orlando for Marcin Gortat and Mickael Pietrus.
-Memphis will not be trading Zach Randolph to Minnesota for Al Jefferson.
-Don’t rule out an Elton Brad or Andre Iguodala trade tonight. Just speculating.

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4 responses to “NBA Draft Rumors 6/24/10”

  1. Chris Ross says :

    Great stuff here, thanks for all the updates it’s been really nice to have them all here.

  2. BeLikMike23 says :

    I hope Donnie Walsh knows what he’s doing.

  3. BeLikMike23 says :

    Do the Knicks like Jordan Crawford? Don’t they realize that if they move up to get Crawford they automatically get LeBron?? Obviously whatever team gets Crawford will get LeBron because of LeBron’s fear of getting dunked on by Crawford again, which can’t happen if they’re on the same team.

    • sprungonsports says :

      They do, but I don’t believe they’ll be able to move up enough to get him unless they get inventive and buy the 25th or 28th pick and package that with their remaining 2nd round pick.

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