NFL Free Agency Update 3/9/10- Featuring KC Joyner

Free Agency 1-On-1 With ESPN’s Football Scientist KC Joyner
SprungOnSports- Hey KC, what are you doing with all this free time in the offseason?
KC Joyner- Free time?! The offseason is when I do the full tape breakdowns, so it is in many ways just as busy as the season. This is a 320 day a year job (something my wife never forgets to remind me about).
SprungOnSports- Ha fair enough, what team besides the Bears do you think has improved the most? Jets, Dolphins, Browns and Lions come to mind.
KC Joyner- I like the Jets and Dolphins moves. Fins fans are thinking I was knocking the (Karlos) Dansby pickup but all I was noting is that an ILB usually won’t make a huge impact. I like the acquisition because it allows them to go elsewhere in the draft (not much for (Alabama LB Rolando) McClain).
SprungOnSports- And getting a Safety like Ryan Clark (who has since resigned with Pittsburgh) or Darren Sharper will greatly improve their secondary metrics over someone like Gibril Wilson.
KC Joyner- They should have known Wilson was that bad, one of the few times I’ve disagreed with one of their personnel moves. Fixing that one problem will be a huge plus for that secondary.
SprungOnSports- But they stil lack a number one receiver. I’m surprised that Antonio Bryant hasn’t been talked about as much. But maybe he’ll be talked about as a consolation to Brandon Marshall and Derrick Mason.
KC Joyner- The good news is all they need is a vertical threat. They had very good WR metrics in many ways last year but they just don’t have the speed guy to hit the deep/bomb passes. That does mean they can go for a single skill player to fill that role, which is a plus.
SprungOnSports- You would think Ted Ginn fits that description perfectly. With a solid draft and a weaker schedule, do you think they can make a good run at the playoffs?
KC Joyner- Absolutely. There are many places where they can improve over last year and they weren’t a bad team by any stretch in 2009. Hey there, hate to run but I’ve got a couple things I have to get to.
SprungOnSports- It’s always great talking football with you KC.
KC Joyner- Likewise!

News & Rumors
-Pittsburgh may have signed Antwaan Randle El and Arnaz Battle along with Ryan Clark, but their best player is in another bout with the law. He once again denies the allegations.
-Cincinnati looks to bolster their WR corps and will get visits from both Terrell Owens and Antonio Bryant today. Bryant will also visit Washington.
-Reports say that Leigh Bodden will probably re-sign with New England today.
-Cleveland acquired QB/WR Seneca Wallace from Seattle for a late round pick in 2011, freeing up jersey number 15 for Brandon Marshall, if that’s a coincidence. Wallace reunites with Mike Holmgren, who may or may not use him as a QB with the whole Browns situation in flux.
-PFT explains why Darren Sharper had emergency knee surgery two days before the start of free agency.
-The two RB’s who dominated the last decade could now come together with Minnesota interested in free agent LaDanian Tomlinson.
-The 49ers have interest in RFA Leon Washington, who has a 2nd round tender.
-PFT reports that Javon Walker “only” made $14 million for doing jack with Oakland the last two years before being released.
-TE Ben Watson will visit Cleveland while New England will replace him with Daniel Fells. Watson will also visit Seattle while DE Jarvis Green visits Denver. NT Jamal Williams is also visiting Denver along with New Orleans.
-The Giants released Aaron Rouse.
-San Diego claimed Marcus Mason off waivers.
-Minnesota signed kickoff specialist Rhys Lloyd.

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